Career Planning & Assessment
We offer a complete range of services to meet your career needs. If you are seeking to change careers, we can provide you with a comprehensive, cost-effective individualized assessment to identify career options and provide you with the tools and resources to determine the path you are best-suited for.

A comprehensive career assessment is the first step to successful career planning. However, people often have difficulty knowing how to apply the results. We will assist you in putting the information together in a meaningful way, locating appropriate resources, researching occupations and developing an action plan.

Career Coaching
In today’s economic climate, organizations are highly competitive and have come to expect and demand more from their employees. Everyone, from senior executives to front-line employees, is being asked to do more and do it better. Career coaching is increasingly recognized as a cost-effective means to help individuals at all levels become more proficient in the skills and abilities necessary to perform their duties and responsibilities effectively and to advance in their careers. We can help you improve your skills in areas such as:

Communication skills
Conflict management
Listening skills
Motivating others
Providing direction
Giving developmental feedback
Interpersonal sensitivity
Stress tolerance
Managing change

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